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#1 Deer Antler Spray in the Market

Deer Antler Spray is the only deer antler product supporting submucosal absorption and immediate bioavailability, providing maximum IGF-1 uptake and utilization at the cellular level. In addition, our Deer Antler Velvet Extract is the first to introduce both L-Glutathione AND Nano Absorption Technology.

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#1 Deer Antler Spray On the market
Most Potent Deer Antler Velvet on The Market

  • tick-mark Cuts Recovery Time & Promotes Cell Growth*
  • tick-mark Most Potent Deer Antler Velvet on The Market
  • tick-mark Build Endurances & Increases Strength*
  • tick-markMade In USA with Nano Absorption Technology

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The Building Secret

Deer Antler Spray is a natural supplement containing IGF-1, a protein proven to maximize your performance. Not only will you get more reps in the gym and recover faster overnight, but Deer Antler Spray has also been shown to promote cell growth and increase performance.

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Why Deer Antler Spray

Ray Lewis is rumored to have used a Deer Antler Velvet Spray to quickly recover from a triceps injury — if he was able to reap the benefits of Deer Antler Spray, imagine what it can do for you! Give us a try and find out why our Deer Antler Velvet Spray is the recovery supplement of choice for some of today’s biggest names in sports, and how Creative Concept Labs has quickly become the leader in the Deer Antler Velvet Industry.

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The Science Behind

The term “Deer Antler Velvet” describes deer antler while in its growth stage. Antler growth is one of the fastest known types of tissue growth in mammals, and the only example of an organ that is shed and regrown each year. Deer Antler Velvet contains these amazing growth hormones, allowing users of our product to profit from the health benefits associated.

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    Very Very Effective

    ” Deer Antler Spray is awesome for recovery — I rarely get sore anymore. Not only that, but my joints feel stronger and much more flexible. I previously tried other deer antler products, but never experienced any results until I started using Deer Antler Spray by Creative Concept Labs which I purchased at my local GNC

    – Tanner Youngber, Loyal Deer Antler Customer


      No 1 Deer Antler

      “Being retired, I depend on my Deer Antler to get me through my active lifestyle and win golf tournaments.”

      – Rick Barry, Basketball Legend


        No Complaints

        “I LOVE my Deer Antler Spray. Five sprays under the tongue, hold for 20 seconds, and it is that easy. Knowing it is all natural makes me feel good too. Thank you for such an amazing product.”

        – Darcie McClellan, Realtor & Personal Trainer


          Best ever had!

          “Deer Antler Spray helps me to recover fast so I can continue to compete as a professional bodybuilder while maintaining a full time job and raising a family. Deer Antler Spray helps take my workouts to a whole new level. ”

          – Mike Symkoviak , Deer Antler Sponsored Athlete